2013.07.25. Interview: Komu Vnyz

2013.07.25. Interview: Komu Vnyz

Interview with Andriy Sereda (front man) from Komu Vnyz

This year, one of oldest Ukrainian Gothic bands, KOMU VNYZ, has celebrated its 25th birthday. The band is actively playing on different events and festivals and working on a new album. About all this we have spoken with front man of the band, Andriy Sereda.

Reflections of Darkness [RoD]: This year, the band celebrated its 25th anniversary. Do you feel some internal changes that have occurred during this time with the band? If it will be possible, would you change anything on your musical way, or would leave everything in the raw?

Andriy Sereda [Andriy]: During this time, we almost defined for us what is truth and injustice. We almost sublimed manifestations. And we stopped to believe in the possibility.

RoD: Over 25 years of existence, the band members never been changed, wherein is your secret of band’s longevity?

Andriy: In procrastination.

RoD: In the media can be found a lot of information that before the end of this year you are planning to release a new album. The material is ready, or still under the development?

Andriy: As said Helmuth Carl von Moltke: «No plan survives contact with the enemy».

RoD: What can your fans expect from the new CD? Will the new songs be very much different in style and sound from the past? How «gothic» will the material be? And what surprises await us? Why do we need to wait so long for the new album — your last work was published even in 2007?

Andriy: Fucking shit!

RoD: Do you plan to release new video material, timed to the release of the new album? Do you have any idea about this?

Andriy: We see in the network how funny people mount video for our music. So why should we do things that others are doing better? It is the answer of my heart.

RoD: Talking about the concert program, will you «reincarnate/renew» it? On your solo concert in the House of Officers in Kyiv on November 30th, 2013 in honour of the 25th anniversary, will you play a new program or it will be the old one but in new arrangement?

Andriy: Even though this does not really answer the question, we got this comment: Death it is very interesting. But for us manifestations from the outside are more tangible. When we grow up, then we reincarnate.

RoD: In your songs, you often speak about religion and homeland, human’s respect to their roots and nature. For example, there are such meaningful songs like ‘Shiva’, ‘With Jesus’, ‘From Kyiv to Ulster’. Do you see a parallel between love to God and love to country? How much are these feelings linked in your opinion?

Andriy: Gods enrich human — human enriches homeland — homeland enriches Gods — Gods take pleasure.

RoD: How should a «true Goth» be in your opinion? Must it be first of all a specific internal feeling or some ideological views? Is it important to keep up a certain style herewith?

Andriy: Implosion, I mean increasing their own internal energy. «True Goth» rushes actually this way. But the most interesting thing arises when the question is about the stage, the main task of which is the emission of energy out. This is the explosion. This is the excellent situation. Dark beginning counteracts to the light. Balance, damn. In terms of Christianity, Goth on stage is a real purgatory. And style is a game.

RoD: It is known, that from 12th to 14th July in Dubno city, Rivne region, there will be an international rock festival called «Taras Bulba» which aims for the development and promotion of national youth culture and aesthetics and in which you will take part directly as a special guest. What do you think, help these festivals for professional growth of Ukrainian musicians or in their further development?

Andriy: Festivals use the professional level, which increases on the rehearsals. Is it helping? What a difference between musicians and vampires? They not only absorb. In general, as says my son, it is not necessary to support a good musicians, but it is necessary to filter a shit.

RoD: Considering your artistic talent, if you would be offered to play in a movie of such legendary Cossack commander, as Taras Bulba, would you agree? And in general, which famous historical figures cause your respect and admiration?

Andriy: I would not agree. And horses are afraid of me by the way. I respect Svyatoslav, Khmelnitsky, Mazeppa, Lothringen, Shukhevych, Mannerheim, Karajan, Speer, and Volodymyr Bakun. All the rest are somewhere further in the heart. Admiration is for Ivan Bogun and my aunt Zina.

RoD: Going back to your actor’s activity. Please tell us about your work in «Pavlik Morozov». Do you like creative work of Podervyanskiy (a small note: Les Podervyanskiy is a Ukrainian painter, poet, playwright and performer. He is most famous (or infamous) for his absurd, highly satirical, and at times politically incorrect and obscene short plays. Their average duration is five to fifteen minutes, with some exceptions. He use to many swearing in his plays.)? Which plays or character do you like the most?

Andriy: From KOMU VNYZ in the performance are me and Malin. I play the God of Death, Thanatos. The role is written up probably to explain swear words lovers, what actually going on. Malin adds guitar pressure. The performance is darkness, gloom, all are dead. It is Gothic. There is also a second performance «Dreams of Vassilisa Yegorovna», but this is baroque. I have three roles there. And about works of Les Podervyanskiy — My mother taught me that such things may not to be liked, too much swearwords there.

RoD: It’s no secret that you treat your fans very kindly. You communicate with them openly and give autographs when they ask you about this. But «who?» is your true listener, your fervent fan? Should he go with you all the way from start to finish or does it not matter at which point the person realized that he likes your creativity?

Andriy: Stability is only to relatives and beloved kitty. Everything else comes with hunger.

RoD: If such award as «Musical Oscar» will be exist, like in cinema, but exactly in music, to whom would you give a statuette for major contribution in this field

Andriy: First of all, such award exists. And not one. Sound engineers would be awarded by me.

RoD: What do you think about the modern movies? Are you going to cinema? Maybe there’s some movie that really amazed you recently?

Andriy: There is no modern or old-fashioned cinema; there is a pleasure and stupefaction. I do not go to cinema because the mass energy prevents from adequate perception. Which movie amazed me? Maybe «Valhalla rising».

RoD: Have you dreamed of being a rock musician in your childhood?

Andriy: We had a short childhood. We had no time.

RoD: Who was a hero for you in your childhood? Your benchmark?

Andriy: Fat Frumos.

RoD: Do in your band exist in any prejudices?

Andriy: Prejudices are for those who do not want to play.

RoD: What surprises you in people the most?

Andriy: DJing

RoD: Which book do you read currently? Do you like Ukrainian writers more or world classic?

Andriy: I finished reading «Hitler’s UFO against the new world order» of Miguel Serrano. There are no Ukrainian authors and the world authors. There is just partnership. Interaction. Ouroboros. For example, infused with the works of Shevchenko, you communicate once with someone, such as German, who inspired later with such a good communication creates, let’s say, a new BMW, on which rushes at full speed deliriously infatuated, for example, Finn, who then from such experience, writes a good book. Why is not your contribution? Or, returning to the theme of movie. Why, for example, Hollywood movies are unpleasant? Because some our buster, called oligarch, loads our stolen money in some World Bank, which sponsoring then with our money some movie, which is totally shit. Again a partnership, all are so close. The world wrinkled. The earth dries.

RoD: Do you have some special «formula for success»?

Andriy: A set of chemical reactions that occur to sustain life. Processes, which allow organisms to grow up and reproduce, maintain their structures, and respond to the environmental influences.

RoD: How do you see the future of modern underground scene in Ukraine?

Andriy: The more shit is, the most important is counteraction. Therefore the future is promising. As I understand, we mean intelligent people?

RoD: What a «parental» advice could you give to young Ukrainian rockers on their way to success?

Andriy: Do not listen to elders.

Written by Iryna Kalenska and Daria Szegeda (Ukrainian Gothic Portal). The Ukrainian version of the article is available here.

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